Zhaga's member companies include LED luminaire makers; manufacturers of LED modules, LED drivers and LED light engines; suppliers of materials and components, and testing labs. View member list.

All companies are very welcome to join the consortium and contribute to its ongoing success.




Benefit comm memb assoc memb regular memb
Receive member communications

Receive Zhaga promotion material
Participation in press articles and interviews
Free listing of company logo on Zhaga website
Access to Zhaga intranet website
* Partial access
✔* ✔*
Access to published Zhaga Books
(Publication takes place 12 months after Book approval)
* Open to Community members only

Access to approved Zhaga Books
Certification of compliant products and use of the Zhaga logo on certified products
Visibility of certified products in the public Zhaga product database
Participation in General Assembly meetings
Initiation and/or chairing of Work Groups and Task Forces
Participation and voting right in Work Groups
Access to Zhaga Book drafts and other confidential documents
Voting right in General Assembly meetings
Eligibility for Steering Committee membership, which provides voting right on key-issues as the approval of new Books


  • Note 1: Unless specifically authorized by the SC
  • Note 2: Logo licensing fee is payable by Associate members. Effective November 2016, this fee is waived until further notice.


Regular Member Associate Member
Annual membership fee (note 3)

EUR 10,000

(EUR 12,000 from 2024)

EUR 1,000

(EUR 2,000 from 2024)

Annual logo licensing fee Included in membership fee No fee (note 4)
  • Note 3: First-year fee is pro-rated according to the month of joining
  • Note 4: This fee is only payable by companies that want to certify products and use the Zhaga logo. Effective November 2016, this fee is waived until further notice.

Follow this link to find out how to join Zhaga.